Halo 4 / Xbox

A video game simulation takes over an entire country

To celebrate the EMEA launch of Halo 4, 70 journalists and super fans were flown to Lichtenstein for an immersive simulation that took over the small Alpine country.

Sculptivate was approached by Edelman and Xbox to be the technical partner for the immersive experience, enacted by Punchdrunk theatre troupe.

Our team set up audio, lighting, projection, special effects, power and temporary structures in five locations across 30 sq km.

The medieval Gutenberg Castle was transformed into an outright military installation, with a UN Space Command military camp in the adjacent countryside. The event included an appearance from Master Chief driving a Warthog – a perfect replica of the vehicle driven by the game’s protagonist.

“We have to shake our heads in incredulous awe.”

The Guardian

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