Chanel Factory 5, Selfridges

A Chanel Factory in Selfridges to celebrate 100 years of Chanel No. 5

To celebrate 100th anniversary of the iconic fragrance, Chanel conceived a collection centred around its original packaging, a simple laboratory bottle.

In the the Selfridges “Corner Shop” we realised a monochrome factory complete with conveyor belts, giant “airfix” frames, lab-style tiling and of course a Chanel robot.

As a reminder that 'wearing No. 5 transforms the ordinary' the limited-edition collection of beauty products were represented as a series of everyday items - including a paint can, a tea tin and a washing up container, and the 'Factory Store' was created to play host to the showcase.

The factory was imagined as a 'theme park' dedicated to Chanel No. 5 in the 160 square metre Corner Shop in Selfridges London.